Pujas and other occasions you can join with

Joining a Puja

What happens when you join a puja?

Part of its energy is dedicated to you.

So it helps you in purifying negative deeds and accumulating merits.

Those are the Pujas you can join and when we perform them. So you can choose when to join us in the Puja you have choosen:

Mahakala Puja (we perform it every day)

Tara Puja (we perform it 2 times a week)

Mahavairochana (we perform it several time a year) Mahavairochana is very good for dedicating to our beloved deceased ones), we will keep you updated on the dates

Hevajra puja ((we perform it once a year in Mustang)

Kagyur recitation (we perform it once a year)

Sixteen Arhats Ritual and long-life prayers for all living masters. Three Long life Laities ritual, 1000 offerings to Ushnisha Vijaya ritual. (increases all participants merits and lifespan)

Long Vajrayogini Ritual (we perform it several time a year)

If you want just to join a Puja we perform routinely, write to us your name, or the name of the people you want to dedicate the Puja. And send us an offering as per your wish.

Join the group “Mani Recitation”

Khenpo-la (Khenpo means abbot) gives Dharma teachings and all the people present there chant the MANI mantra together. You can both, join us reciting the Mani in your home, or just asking us to put you in our dedications.

The MANI mantra is very important in this degenerate time, it brings light where there is darkness, help where it’s needed. It’s the Mantra of the Perfect Compassion for all sentient beings. The Mani Mantra group recitation happens twice a year, one in Mustang and one in Pokhara. We will keep you updated about the dates.

Offering as per your wish.

Food offerings

If you like to offer food to our monastery:

A full normal meal (lunch or dinner) for all of us is: 8,000 NPR

A full normal meals’ day (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) for all of us is: 19,000 NPR

Our normal food is quite basic. A lot of rice, a little lentils and very little veggies. If you like to offer a meal with more proteins and veggies, and maybe even a fruit, the meal cost would be: 16,250 NPR



Puja in Mustang