Our Khenpo la has two names, the one on the documents is Chhyombe Gurung, and the religious name which is Jamyang Tenzin.

He was born in Upper Mustang in 1978.

When he was six years old, he learned how to read and write in Tibetan from his father.

At eight years old he became a monk at Lowo Nyiphug Namdrol Norbu Ling Monastery with the name of Jamyang Tenzin.

At twelve he was sent to India to study at Pal Ngor E-wam Choedhen Monastery.

He studied there for six years, learning all the religious rituals and the Tibetan language (grammar, composition, and so on).

He worked hard on his studies, so he came out an accomplished monk.

At nineteen he come back to the Nyiphug Monastery and served there for five years.

Even though he was very young and the monastery was very poor, he took all the responsibility he could, worked hard, and got some very good results.

When he was 25 he joined the Sakya college of superior Buddhist Philosophy Studies in India.

He studied there for ten years the Eighteen Texts of Great Renown of the Sakya Tradition, plus many more important teachings and texts.

Then, for three years, he served as a teacher in the same Sakya College.

After that, he was sent to Lowo Menthang Dagkar Thegchen Ling Monastery to be a Philosophy teacher there for two years.

At the age of thirty-eight, he was appointed as Nyiphug Monastic School's teacher of rituals, Tibetan, and social studies.

At that time was very difficult for the Nyiphug Monastery to find teachers being it such a poor monastery.

He also helped deal with various tasks and responsibilities in the monastery.

When he was 40 H.H. the 41th Sakya Trinzin, appointed him as khenpo (abbot) per the request of Nyiphug monks.

From that time on, he has been Nyiphug Gonpa Khenpo la.

Lately, he also assumed the responsibility as principal of the Nyiphug Gonpa Monastic School.

He is use saying that he is just an ordinary gelong, a simple fully ordinated monk. But he is a scholar really.

During his life, he had to face many difficulties, but he also had many successes.

Along his life he received many teachings and empowerments from great Masters as: H.H. 41st the Sakya Trizin, H.H. the Dalai Lama, H.H. 42nd Sakya Trinzin, H.E Ludhing Khenchen Rinpoche, Khenchen Sonam Gyatso…..and many more revered masters.

He did several retreats too, like White Tara, Mahaverocana, Vjrapani and Hevajra and so on.