What are Pujas and why we ask for them

Life in samsara is very challenging. Sometimes we feel that it’s too much, we cannot cope with it.

Health problems, family problems, money problems, work problems…the world around us from time to time looks like going crazy.

That’s why we ask monasteries for pujas (prayers ceremonies).

To have some help.

Not to feel lonely and powerless in front of whatever happens to us.

To collect merits.

To get a little bit of happiness.

Buddhist practitioners know it well. They often ask for pujas.

But even if you are not a Buddhist, you can ask for them.

Pujas are about taking care. So they are helpful for everybody.

Pujas are many and have different purposes. All of them are a good help for accumulating merits, that is good karma.

But some have a precise meaning and aim too.

On the Pujas' page, you will find the pujas' names and purposes.

Can you ask us for pujas?

Of course yes! There are two different ways of asking for pujas.

One is joining one of the pujas our monastery performs routinely.

The other one is to ask for a special puja, or pujas, for yourself or your beloved ones.

The Motivation of Compassion

Of course, the best thing would be to ask a Puja for the benefit of all sentient beings.

They are also suffering, and they too want to be happy.

And, anyway, the merits of the Puja would come to us and the people we love.

But to do this, need a real clean motivation.

It is not an easy thing!

We really, honestly have to think that we offer the Puja for all sentient beings. So that they will receive blessings and help.

We don't have to have a double mind.

That superficially thinks "I want to benefit all sentient beings". But under the surface thinks "what I really want is help for me and my people". :)

If you are not sure about your motivation, ask a Puja for yourself and your beloved ones. It's also very positive!

Pujas are complex rituals.

Some of them go on for hours, some for days.

Some, like, say, the fire pujas, request a long preparation and many ingredients.

Some Pujas are very complicated, they request days to be prepared and days of actual performing. With a lot of offerings.

Some are simple, and then there are the pujas we routinely perform in our monastery.

If you want just to join a puja (to have part of its energy dedicated to you) we perform routinely, write us your name, the puja you want to join, and for what purpose. And send us an offering as per your wish.

If you want a special puja, performed for you or for your beloved ones, we have to ask you for a basic offering, to cover the expenses. To that, you can add as per your wish.

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let us now which puja you would like to ask for, or if you need any explanation