Pujas on request

If you want a special Puja, performed for you or for your beloved ones, or whatever good dedication you want to ask for, we have to ask you for a basic offering, to cover the expenses.

To that, you can add as per your wish.

We have divided the Pujas into two groups.

Normal Pujas and Great Pujas.

This happens because of the number and quantity of offerings we make, and how long will take both the Puja’s preparations and performance.

We put he basic offering you have to send is in Nepali rupees (because this list of Pujas and relative offerings is also for our local friends and supporters) and in US $ so, if you are from abroad, you will find it easier to make the transfer.

Once in a while we will have to update the NP rupees vs $ exchange. Sorry for the inconvenience!

If you don't know which Puja is better for you, you can write us and we will help you.



Green Tara Puja:

Wishes to be fulfilled, solving family problems, relationship problems, for kids, marriage happiness, and so on. Green Tara is called the Wish-fulfilling Jewel. She is represented with the right foot down, ready to get up and help us. When Tibetans have problems they always go for Tara’s help.

4 monks 5,500 NPR (48 US $)

all monks 25,000 NPR (210 US $)

Chenrezig puja:

Chenrezig is the manifestation of all Buddhas’compassion, his Puja is a great help for our beloved deceased. It is also great for helping animals.

4 monks 5,500 NPR (48 US $)

all monks 25,000 NPR (210 US $)

Medicine Buddha Puja:

For sick people, to help them to recover. All Tibetan doctors practice the Medicine Buddha for being able to take care of their patients better. If you are going for medical treatments too The Medicine Buddha will help you to have a better result.

4 monks 6,500 NPR (54 US $)

all monks 14,500 NPR (116 US $)

Samatabhadra’s prayers:

Samatabhadra’s prayers and offerings are said to be perfect. Offering those prayers is good for accumulating merits. That is accumulating good karma. We can dedicate it to all sentient beings (also for our beloved deceased ones).

all monks 25,000 NPR(207 US $)

Three long-life deity rituals:

White Tara, Amitayus, Usnishavijaya. It’s a long-life puja. It is said that we have, due to our karma, a certain span of life. But something very negative can happen to shorten our life. White Tara, Amitayus, Usnishavijaya look at us, so this is not going to happen.

4 monks 6,500 NPR (54 US $)

all monks 14,500 NPR (116 US $)

Mahavairochana Chang Chok:

This Puja helps our deceased ones to be liberated from inconvenient states and go towards a better rebirth.

4 monks 8,500 NPR (71 US $)

all monks 30,000 NPR (249 US$)

Black and Yellow Zambhala water offering puja:

Zambala’s Puja is for accumulating merits as to achieve wealth. Both physical and spiritual wealth.

4 monks 6,000 NPR (50 US $)

all monks 20,000 NPR (166 US$)

Orange Manjushri puja:

Manjushri is the personification of all Buddhas’wisdom. His Puja helps us to increase intelligence and wisdom. Very helpful for students.

4 monks 5,500 NPR (46 US $)

all monks 15,000 NPR (125 US $)


A collection of mantras and sutra recitation. It makes us accumulate merits.

5 monks 7,000 NPR (62 US $)

Saving lives:

To save one or more lives, we accumulate karma for long life. So when we are very sick, or someone who we love is very sick, saving lives is a wise practice. We buy one or more animals that are going to be killed and release them. Or put them in a place where they will not be killed. Our monks also recite Pujas while they are going to save lives. This makes the practice more effective. See the video on ticktock. If you want to offer this “saving lives” offering you have to contact us. Because the cost depends on how many animals you want to save, or which kind of animal. A fish costs way less than a yak or a dri (female yak)!


GyaZhi, the 400 offerings Puja of Shakyamuni Buddha

GyaZhi is the Puja of the 400 Offerings which was first performed by Lord Shakyamuni Buddha to appease the Maras or demonic negative forces within and outside us. Why negative forces within us too? Because these mental poisons push us towards doing bad actions. And bad actions are making us accumulating bad karma. Bad karma is what is making us now experimenting negative circumstances. It’s very similar to Dhudhok Puja. Only GyaShi Puja has more offerings and Dhudhok has more monks because the recitation is longer.

4 monks 8,500 NPR (71 US $)

Dhudhok Puja:

Black magic, Maras and big obstacles to be cleared out. It’s very similar to GyaShi Puja. Only GyaShi Puja has more offerings and Dhudhok has more monks because the recitation is longer. 5 monks 8,500 NPR (71 US $)

Black Mahakala Puja:

Black Mahakala, is a Protector. He protects us from all dangers and evil.

4 monks 5,500 NPR (48 US $)

all monks 25,000 NPR (210 US $)

Singhanad’s Nagas ritual:

Nagas are powerful spirits that can cause many kinds of diseases if angry with us. Mainly skin diseases, but also mental disturbances, and interferences to our life. This Puja pacifies the Nagas. When a sickness cannot be cured whatever a person does, Tibetan doctors always check if there is a Nagas problem. If it is a Nagas’problem, they will send the person to a monastery to ask for this Puja. Here you find the link to a real Nagas' interferences story. It is happening now, in our time. http://www.suncavemonastery.org/the-mustangi-village-and-the-nagascurse

4 monks 7,500 NPR (63 US $)

all monks 15,000 NPR (125 us $)

100 Torma offering ritual:

It clears obstacles caused by evil spirits, hungry ghosts (Pretas), Asuras, people, Nagas, and local Deities. There are not only people and animals in this world. We, normal people, are not aware of that. But there are many classes of beings, and they are not always benevolent towards us. Sometimes it is due to our past lives’ karma, sometimes we have done now something that has displeased them. This Puja is performed to pacify all those dangerous disturbances.

4 monks 3,400 NPR (29 US $)

all monks 15,000 NPR (125 US $)


Kurukhulli Fire Puja:

Increases wealth, luck, and power.

4 monks 12,200 NPR (101 US $)

all monks 24,400 NPR (202 US $)

4 arms Vajrapani Fire Puja:

increasing wellbeing, destroying obstacles

4 monks 12,200 NPR (101 US $)

all monks 24,400 NPR (202 US $)

Bum recitation, Prajnaparamita Sutra chanting:

The Prajnaparamita Sutra, the Sutra of the Perfection of Wisdom, is given in three ways: long, middling, and short. The one we chant is the middling one, composed of 8000 slokas*.

4 monks 60,500 NPR (501 US $)

*Sloka= a verse of lines in Sanscrit recited as a prayer

Yangguk White Mahakala Puja Wealth Puja:

White Mahakala is a wrathful emanation of Chenrezig, the Compassion Buddha. His kind of compassion is fast and powerful. Through it, White Mahakala overcomes all types of poverty, whether physical or mental. He brings forth the purpose of increasing wealth, prosperity, and spirituality for all beings.

3 days puja 100,000 NPR (828 US $)

Namgyal Tongchod Puja:

That is Usnishavijaya 1000 offerings Puja. Usnishavijaya is one of the long-life practices. This Pujas makes you accumulate merits, increases life, good karma, and good luck.

3 days Puja 150,000 NPR (1242 US $)

Dolma Yuldhok Puja: It’s a very special Puja, complex and powerful for clearing out big obstacles.

3 days preparation 3 days puja 250,000 NPR (2070 US $)


Offerings during Gyashi Puja

Mandala for a Fire Puja